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Nimasc is your strategic partner for navigating the complexities of business, no matter where in the world you are.

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We facilitate capital raising and business development for an international clientele

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At Nimasc, we stand at the forefront of the global business landscape, boasting a network of seasoned advisors across a multitude of industries and fields.

Our collective knowledge and experience span the globe, crossing borders and transcending industries, enabling us to provide a superior level of service to our clients. By leveraging this diverse pool of expertise, we offer comprehensive solutions that resonate with the unique requirements and aspirations of each client.

We help our clients navigate the intricacies of business expansion and financial management, positioning them for long-term, sustainable success.


Peter Nagle

With a career spanning over 35 years, Peter Nagle's name is synonymous with extensive expertise in fund administration, corporate service provision, and global depository. From his origins in Ireland, Peter's career trajectory has charted a path through major global business centres like Singapore, Hong Kong, Mauritius, and now Malta.

His deep understanding of strategic advisory services, consultancy services, and board representation equip him with a comprehensive skill set, poised to steer Nimasc to success. As the founder of Nimasc, Peter is dedicated to fostering growth and operational success by providing bespoke solutions to an international clientele.

Outside of his professional life, he cherishes his family, being a proud father of three and a loving husband. Under Peter's strategic direction, Nimasc stands on the precipice of an exciting future, set to make significant strides and leave a lasting impact in the world of business consultancy.


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